Make Up Lesson for Wedding Photos

Melinda. My good buddy from grad school. We share many a fun memory eating snacks together during museum happy hours and taking notes in Professor Luby's intense classes. I was flattered when Melinda asked me for lessons as her wedding was being held out of state. We spent an hour or so going over the pros and cons of certain products and what she would need to enhance her cuteness for her big day.

Might I add that she is a super woman, planning her wedding while writing her thesis. Wow! Here is a cute before photo of Melinda with Bitty, Munchy and new hubby Justin.
As you can see, Melinda is naturally adorable and didn't need much advice. I just gave her some pointers to take it to the next level. Since we are museum loving dorks, it's no surprise that Melinda hosted her wedding at the Glover Mansion on the South Hill in Spokane, WA (built around 1880, designed by Kirtland Cutter). Yes, fun history facts are the things we museum people love to throw around. Can you blame us with beautiful architecture like this? Aww, such light-hearted fun! What did Melinda learn? Here's what she had to say:

"I tried to find a makeup artist back home, but after exhausting all my sources I decided that I could either go to makeup counter on my big day or do it myself. I knew that if I was going to do wedding makeup myself I needed better products and some great advice. I went to Michaela and she immediately understood what I needed. She showed me how to brighten up under my eyes with concealer and advised that I go heavier on eyeliner because it looks better in photos. I had plenty of time to practice my makeup ahead of time so I could perfect the look. Her advice and product recommendations helped give me a flawless look on my wedding day.

I did end up putting on some fake eyelashes for the wedding. My hair stylist actually put them on for me, but I'm really glad I did! Our photographer was amazing and I'm sure he touched up our photos a bit, but the recommended foundation stick has amazing coverage! And the cream eyeshadow hardly creased all night."Sigh, so pretty. She did a super amazing job on her makeup and I'm so pleased I could help. Her wedding looked like so much fun and I know she and Justin will also have a fun life together with their adorable dogs. Melinda, snacks again soon?

Photography by Eugene Michel Photography
Hair by Jenn Pauls