Cambodian Couture.

Bochan is a local indie artist who I met through family friend Ruthie (Hi Ruthie!). I've been working with her the past few weekends on three different looks for her soon to be released music video. Bochan has a really cool vintage style that I caught onto while we prepped at her house. Her home is filled with beautiful Buddhist and Cambodian decor and her music and lyrics are inspired by her Cambodian culture. Check out her last video "Desires" to hear her beautiful voice!

Here are a couple of still images from the new video with Bochan and entourage in full Apsara costume. We used golden eyeshadows, applied with a wet brush, and defined black eyeliner to really make the eyes pop. An Apsara is a female spirit of water, fitting as the video shoot was postponed twice due to rain! Stay tuned for more behind the scenes shots of the video for Chnam Oun 16!