Makeup Lesson for Engagement Photos

Jessica. One of my very best friends in the whole wide world and also my cousin. She now lives in Southern California but came home to the Bay Area for Halloween weekend. She wanted to get some tips for natural makeup for beachy photos for engagement photos. I would do anything for this adventurous pastry chef who lived alone for a summer in Italy and brought home a delicious tiramisu recipe to me. Yum! Here is her before photo, taken with our favorite lil guy Hudson. Here she is after our lesson, with beautiful glowing skin and perfect eyebrows. What did Jess learn from our lesson? I offered up tips on my favorite photo friendly products and. Here's what she had to say:"When I found out that my photographer wanted to take our engagement photos at 9 am, I was nervous because that meant I had to do my hair and make up by myself! I usually like to leave that to the professionals, but since that was not an option, I called the best make up artist I know for tips, Michaela. She may be my family, but I asked her for help because she knows what she is doing and makes you look amazing! She was able to evaluate the make up that I already owned, and made additional product suggestions and more affordable options from Target or the drug store. She showed me how to properly apply each product and and how each product works to enhance your features.

To ease my nerves before the photo shoot, we went over step by step how to apply my make up and I followed that guide the next day. I was really happy with the results; my make up stayed in place and looked great! I am also more confident when doing my day to day make up, now that I know what to do and have the right products. Michaela is an artist by trade and that reflects in her flawless execution and knowledge in make up. She wants you to look your very best and feel confident and comfortable in your skin."

I've included a few photos from her session taken by Mike Arick Photography (with a great close-up of Jessie's perfectly applied eyeliner). He really captured the L-O-V-E between this cutey pie couple along with Jessie's natural beauty. Contact Mike for all of your Southern California photography needs!
I can't wait to welcome Jason to our extremely loud family of eaters and am looking forward to their beach wedding in July which is sure to have delicious desserts. Thanks Jess! Super awesome review (I didn't pay her to say any of it, I swear!). For those of you looking for tips of lessons, just holler. I'd be happy to help!