Adventures in Makeup Land.

Say WHAT?! While cleaning brushes at Un-Named Overpriced Department Store in San Francisco this past weekend I felt a tap on my shoulder and I hear, "Bobbi Brown! I need some help with Bobbi Brown!" Well, that would be me now, wouldn't it? So I turn to face this hyperactive sounding voice and see a middle-aged gentleman who reminds me of the UPS guy from MadTV and begin a strange conversation that involves way too many playful punches on the shoulder... my shoulder.

"Hi, hi. I was wondering if you could help me. I just started dating this woman. Well, I shouldn't call her just "this woman" should I? *punch* She really is a lady! *punch* The problem is I'm a political consultant and I am very concerned about image. Now I have this plan and I need your help with it."

Uh oh.

"My plan is to bring her here to the makeup counter to get her makeup done. See, she does this thing where she makes her eyes look like a raccoon! *punch* I just need her to bring it down a notch because she could really look so much better." Say WHAT?! Uhh, great plan buddy. This is totally what I imagine "this woman" to look like.Ha. I dare you UPS guy, to say raccoon to HER FACE. Long story short, and after a few more punches, he said he would come by next week where he is going to say he has a friend who does makeup and he would really like to buy "this woman" some new things. How is it going to make "this woman" feel? I think he's cowardly and going about it all wrong. But really, how would you go about something like this? We've all seen that one lady who needs a push in the right direction, but if that direction is to tell her to wash her face off and start over, I most certainly am not the person who is going to do it. And somehow I am now part of some sneaky plan. I'm not a fan of making people feel badly about themselves, raccoon eyes or not.

After UPS guy left, with a warning that we did not think this was a good idea, the girls and I chatted about what an a$$ you have to be to tell a woman you've just started dating that you do not like her face. Maybe she'll lose him instead of the eyeliner? If they do come in, I'll be sure to update you on how it all goes!