Life's Big Moments

Yesterday. Sorry for the lack of posts recently, but I've been working a lot and finishing up my thesis and grad school. SO close to being finished!

Just wanted to make a quick note on yesterday, a day that reminded me of all the fun things in a lady's life. While working Saturday I had the pleasure on designing looks for a variety of ladies and usually I help people who want something for the every day.

Not yesterday. I could not believe that each one was attending a special event: a bride to be, two girls attending their senior prom, a young lady going to take her engagement photos, a woman attending her very own baby shower, and a birthday girl. I was so excited! The day went by quickly and did not feel like work at all. Every single person was excited and happy and literally on the verge of a new moment in life.

Yesterday made me happy. I hope I helped make those ladies happy too!