Have fun wedding like this you will?

Yoda. What does the ancient one know about weddings? Well he sure is great at making them cute! You'll be surprised to know you can make outer space sophisticated. Wouldn't you have liked to sit at Cloud City? What do you get when you mix theatrics, geeky galactic details and two life-loving people? A fun-filled wedding at Berkeley's Brazilian room! The reason I loved this wedding is that Amanda and G didn't take themselves or their wedding too seriously. Below you'll find more wonderful photos taken by the talented Davis Lee. Check out his portfolio! It's quite impressive.
We started the morning at the Shattuck Plaza, with Hazelle and I standing patiently outside the hotel room while Amanda and G practiced the steps to their first dance. I then got to setting Amanda's hair into a low, curled up-do while bridemaids noshed on tasty pizza from Berkeley's Cheese Board. They were a fun group; very enthusiastic, laid back and happy! And they wore quite possibly the cutest bridesmaids dresses I've ever seen. Golden brocaded frocks found on etsy.com where you can find anything vintage inspired! And yes, totally re-wearable. We kept the makeup simple with deeper lip tones, appropriate for a December wedding. Eyes were highlighted with smokey metallic shadows, a sweep of white matte shadow on the brow bone for lift, clean black eyeliner and flirty lashes. A pop of blush was all that was needed to tie their looks together.

The standout of the day was Amanda's mom, my friend Nick's Auntie Sandy, a former makeup artist herself. Nick and his girlfriend Hazelle (who was my brush cleaning assistant that day!) tease me for constantly calling Auntie Sandy "fabulous" but there really is no other way to describe her. She rolled into the hotel room with a leopard print fur coat and sunglasses on. More ladies should put the time and effort into their looks that Auntie Sandy does. She was the one who inspired Amanda to wear red lipstick. I couldn't have thought of a better shade myself! Clearly Auntie Sandy's sophistication has rubbed off on Amanda. Look at that cute stole! Here are my tips for a clean red lip:
- Start by pressing your foundation into your lip (no need to buy an extra lip primer). It will act as a primer but will also neutralize your natural color to allow for a clean application.
- Next, fill in with your choice of red lipstick. My favorite shades are any of the reds by MAC (like Amanda is wearing) or Bobbi Brown's Burnt Red which has just enough brown in it so it's not too obnoxiously bright.
- Lip liner is key. Trace the outline of your lips with a lip pencil (like Sangria by Bobbi Brown) and color inwards to blend. Lining after applying lipstick will create a heavier wax barrier that will prevent feathering or bleeding.
-Touch up often for optimal photos as red lipstick is a bit high maintenance.
-Lastly, apologize to your groom because he's definitely going to get a red stain for your first kiss! Keep a hanky on hand to touch him up too.

Another fun tip? Amanda borrowed some free weights from the hotel gym and did a few reps to get those arms and chest toned for photos! Not a bad idea if you're wearing a strapless dress. No weights available? Just hit the floor for a few sets of push-ups!

Amanda and her mom even invited me and the bf to fill in empty seats for the reception. Totally wish I had gone. Nick and Hazelle said they had a blast in Amanda's photobooth, complete with silly props. Thanks Nick (pictured below), for introducing me to this "fabulous" family. Definitely one of the more memorable weddings I've worked on!