Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad! I didn't get a chance to post this yesterday because I spent the whole day with my parents. But they just celebrated their 31st wedding anniversary! You could say that my obsession with weddings began at a young age as I was inspired by the pretty pink images in their wedding album. When they talk about their wedding day they both light up and remember almost every detail. Considering they were married in the early 80s, their wedding style still remains classic to this day. Whites, soft pinks, and grey suits which have definitely made a come back (okay, so maaaaybe not as powdery as they were in the 80s).

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I have yet to meet a bride who had as many guests as my parents did at their Chinese banquet... 700! The thing about my parents is that they are both extremely kind, friendly and thoughtful people. So it's no surprise that every single extended family member as well as co-worker and friend wanted to attend their wedding. My parents are still so sweet to each other. When they part for the day they always kiss. They still hold hands down the street. My dad will make Chinese soup for her ailments at even the slightest cough. And they tease each other like little kids. It's great. 

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She also made her own dress and veil, which came out to a total of about $200! I'm proud to say my mom had the forethought to wear minimal, neutral make-up and had just a soft wave to her hair (done by her bestie, my Auntie Alice who was a bridesmaid). She saved her peep-toe wedding shoes and let me wear them at my college graduation. She is amazing.

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She gifted me a bracelet on my wedding day, one that she received at her wedding. It is customary for Chinese moms to give jewelry, but she thought this particular bracelet would be funny to pass on as it reads, "Good Luck"! 
I hope my marriage is as lucky and long lasting as my parents!
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