Everything is Minty Green!

We met up today for a trial that we were both very excited about... our first international client! Miss L. flew in from Singapore where she now lives with her husband to be. They are having their wedding at the Asian Art Museum in San Francisco this summer and after getting all of the juicy details from her, it sounds like it's going to be a beautiful affair! We'd like to say she flew in just to meet us, but truthfully she had a lot of wedding planning to attend to. Our meeting was full of fun and laughter and we were so proud that she chose us from all the options she researched on Yelp from abroad. Go team! 

photo (27).JPG

After our trial, we headed out for lunch and wandered around looking for more inspiration to jazz up our business collateral. I guess it's no coincidence we were both attracted to pastels since we both happened to be wearing mint pants today! 

photo (26).JPG