Preservation Park

Fall. I had the pleasure of working with Mae, (first seen here) and meeting her mom and mother-in-law on a hot September day. Mae was so sweet and calm, despite having been stressed from her hairstylist showing up almost an hour late! No worries, I quickly changed directions and drove to meet her at the salon instead of her home so that we could speed things along. 

The result was a soft, clean look for an all day outdoor wedding. And what sweet photos taken by the talented Tom Penpark. Tom captured the quiet setting of Preservation Park in Oakland, making it look like Mae and Ben's own private wedding town. The photos below show the party's sense of style with outfits inspired by traditional Thai elements, where Mae's family is from. There's Mae, flanked by mom in soft green and Ben's mom Anna in purple. 

I loved the bright flowers and dresses juxtaposed with the neutrals of Prospect Park. If you want to remember yourself as a star on your wedding day, I highly encourage you work with Tom Penpark. He has a way with color and framing that makes everything look like a movie still. Beautiful work Tom! 

Shout out to Auntie Connie who introduced me to Miss Anna, allowing me to meet this sweet couple. Congrats to Mae and Ben! Still a fan of both of your great cheekbones. Thank you for letting me be a part of your day.