All I need in this life of sin...

is me and my girlfriends! Here's a preview of the fun times that were had over the weekend. If you haven't had a sleepover with your ladies in a while, I highly recommend it! Special thanks to Sylvia's hubby Mike who cooked us dinner after a long glamour filled day. Modeling is so hard!

Super friend Rachel Detra, whose work you can see here, and I collaborated to capture the amazingness that is our group of girls. This week, we are getting together for a gift exchange (because we are all ballers on a budget!) of nail polish and accessories and I could not be more excited. These stylish ladies and I swap fashion tips over dinner almost every week and I am so lucky to have this creative crew as my friends. Everyone was wearing lashes, custom chosen by me, to enhance our pretty peepers. It was Rachel's first time! I'm pretty sure she loved them. Look at her with the red belt! 

That's right. Katie is so gorgeous, we can't even stand to be in the same picture as her. Those eyes! Those lips. Oh my. (I am stealing that necklace next opportunity I get!) 

Stay tuned for even more fun from Rachel Detra Photography!