I ♥ the 80s

Birthday extravaganza! On Friday, I celebrated with some of my nearest and dearest. I was SO happy that all of these people came out to party with me! Since last year's kid friendly birthday party at the Mirror Maze was such a success, I decided that I will always throw a birthday party that is nostalgic for all who participate!

Cousin Mel made these awesome cupcakes to help me celebrate and sent them with her hubby B. Thanks guys! For those of you who know "Sixteen Candles" those two actually named their oldest Jake Ryan. Really. These mocha flavored cuties included my very own fondant mix tapes. You all remember casette tapes right?

I had never tried rollerskating before, only ice skating and rollerblading in the 90s, so I decided my birthday was as good a chance as any! I also have lots of great little ones in my life, so I thought it would be fun to include them too. And since I was born in the 80s, why not make everyone dress up accordingly? I, of course, proudly wore bright blue eyeshadow. Here are some of my favorite images (and outfits) from the evening.

But first- Jamie and her famous lunge.

80s fashion show: Lindsay in a side pony tail, frosted eyeshadow, sweatband and NKOTB tee. Brittany wins for best 80s eyeshadow and blush contour. Kevin, and his Captain E-0 shirt, and Vincent rocking a Member's Only jacket over a Cosby sweater (I will miss you when you move to Chicago! As the NKOTB would say, "Please dont' go girl!").

Cutie Colin in RayBans, Kristina looking to get physical, physical and Soren in a sweet, sweet tie-dyed tank.

We ended the evening on a "high note" with an impromptu karaoke session at a random hole in the wall place found by my bestie Alex. Thank AcKLEX!

Hazelle came all the way up from the OC and brought cousin Anne Marie from Canada (who is an AMAZING singer). In a rare performance, Kevin graced everyone with TLC's "No Scrubs".

Thanks to everyone who came out, old friends and new! I hope you all had as much fun as I did- I felt so loved... which is the best gift ever.