Follow the White Rabbit...

to the best Mad Hatter tea party ever! Here are a few details from yesterday's amazing bridal shower. All cookies were handmade by the very best baking duo- Svet and Mel! These ladies were MAD to say the least. They hand stamped each guest's name onto personalized cookies and created the beautiful teapot cookie favors as well. Crazy, but yum! Anna Leah created the fancy floral centerpieces that were the finishing touch on each long table. Svet's backyard was transformed into a mini Wonderland, complete with mismatched teapots and saucers, paper pom-poms and delicious bite sized treats.

The shower was the perfect chance to try out Jessica's bridal look- why not look absolutely fabulous for another special day? It's a good way to test out the wearability of your products and look extra amazing in photos. I loved her teacup print dress! Many guests made their very own silly hats for the party- little sister's was a nod to the royal wedding, and I crafted a bright lily pad with a jumping origami frog and a funny button and pin cushion hat for my mama, seamstress extraordinaire!

We then moved indoors for everyone's favorite classic shower game, the toilet paper dress. Then, fun undies were hung on a clothing line and the bride-to-be had to guess who brought what.

After the gifts were opened, it was off to the city for a fun-filled night of yummy eats, cocktails and dancing. What a day, what a day! Cheers to celebrating the special lady that Jessica is.

Looking forward to the wedding, which is less than a month away!