The Wind and the Windmills.

S&M. Not as dirty as it sounds. Sylvia and Mike are super awesome friends from my undergrad years in lovely Santa Cruz. Sylvia, recently back from tour as drummer for the Hot Toddies, sent over these great shots today. Here are some beautiful photos of S&M taken by the talented Heath Orchard (who is newly engaged himself!).Since Sylvia is besties with my good friend Katie, the best friend title was already taken, and so Sylvia became my mega friend. We had mega fun cutting and coloring each others’ hair, shopping for shoes, creating fabulous art pieces and sipping on delicious wine (sometimes, not so wisely, the wine came first. oops). Some of my best memories of college were spent with this fellow lil’ lady and I’m so happy that she is finally tying the knot with her love Mike, who makes a mean meatball and plays many an instrument.
You may have seen these distinctive windmills while driving through the Altamont Pass. These grassy hills are such a graphic backdrop, perfect for this artistic couple. I'm told it was quite windy that day, but it certainly made for some nice movement. Who doesn't love how they look with the wind blowing through their hair?

I ditched the heavy foundation for this outdoor shoot and kept the look natural and simple. A thin layer of foundation, powder in the t-zone, lots of mascara, a pop of pink blush and she was ready to go! Plus, Sylvia’s great tattoos lend enough color for the photos.
This weekend we are dress shopping and scouting out their wedding venue. With all the creativity between this mega-in-love couple, their wedding is sure to be one of a kind. I wish you mega luck planning your wedding and know that I will be by your side, helping out any way I can!