Bridal Style

Sometimes I do hair. But please don't tell anyone. If I ever have to do Denise's hair again my hands will cramp from the shear memory of curling, twisting and pinning it all! So much hair. Good thing I kinda love Denise (she does make yummy cheesecake and she now owes me a lifetime supply). 50 bobby pins and half a can of hairspray later, the results were well worth it (heads up! Long post with lots of photos). Here are more great beauty and style shots fresh from Lydia Chen Photography. If you haven't caught on yet, I'm kinda in love with Lydia. She really captured all of the handmade details and the essence of the day. The photo of flowergirl Miya kills me. Look at the awesome wedding party! And the large group photo? That's only Denise's mom's (who is one of six!) side of the family.
Can't forget about the fellas. Remember my tie tutorial, first mentioned here? Check out cutie Colin walking down the aisle in his tiny tie! And my handsome beau. I kinda love him too. He was the culprit that suggested I try out wedding planning. Phew! What work (and I secretly love it)!The photo above is of Matt's nephews dancing their tushes off. I didn't hire them but they really entertained the crowd with backbends, flips and "the worm"! Best money never spent. And this next photo pretty much sums up the whole day. High five Denise! We did it! And survived to tell about it. Hope you all enjoyed the photos. I designed my little heart out and big thanks to Lydia and Cheryll for capturing it all. Another post with who made what and how we did it soon. Thanks Michelle for the beautiful flowers, Tiphani for the invite design, Erica for pitching in her helping hands. And Matt for building the sweet backdrops. More images to come with Fall bridal makeup tutorials too!