Old Hollywood Glamour.

My first white girl wedding. A lot of my friends have jokingly told me that I need to expand my portfolio by seeking out some white girl brides. Luckily, Kristin found me via Denielle (thanks Denielle!)! I have many Caucasian clients at work but in my bridal business, they have been scarce as most clients find me through word of mouth where one Asian girl leads to another. On Saturday I will be using Carrie and Christina as my inspirations for bride to be, Kristin and her friends.
I am SO excited to see the bridal party. Kristin has been telling me about the details of her wedding, including a fabulous peacock head piece to go with her custom made dress and bridesmaid dresses designed by a former costumer for Teatro Zinzanni in San Francisco. Sounds amazing! The wedding will take place at the Chabot Space and Science Center in Oakland as per the request of Kristin's Star Trek loving fiance. Surrounded by stars, telescopes, friends and family, Kristin's wedding is sure to be out of this world!