Brows and Bobbi Bliss

Woohoo! I met Bobbi Brown today at the Palo Alto Nordstom! She stepped in during one of my appointments and introduced herself to me, asked me my name and asked for my ethnicity. She was really enthusiastic because she's visiting China in a few weeks and said she thinks Asian women are some of the more beautiful women in the world. I like Bobbi so I'm glad she likes me and my peeps! Gawk! (a photo of Bobbi taken in January at the San Francisco Master class.) She gave me a few tips and points on the eyebrows of the client I was working on (also Asian and in pure shock that Bobbi touched her face). It was a really neat experience... plus, Bobbi is short like me!

My new obsession has been eyebrows since mine are very sparse. Eyebrows are a very personal feature and I'm one of the first to run away from another artist who wants to darken mine! It's alright to be particular because it's your face! You too can be your very own brow expert...a few brow pointers I've picked up throughout the years:
- brush brow hair downward with a clean mascara wand to see the top of your brow line

- fill in with an eye shadow that is lighter than your hair color for a soft defined look
- avoid any shades that have too much orange or red. These tend to turn bricky throughout the day.
- use pencil if you feel you need more definition
- define more precisely right on the arch and along the top of the brow line
- extend your powder or pencil just past your natural brow "tail" for more frame (a tip from Bobbi!)
- brush brows upward again with mascara wand
- set with a clear brow gel or clear mascara- don't use a heavy hand or too dark of a shadow when filling in the fullest parts of your brow. You may end up looking like this...Brows are one of the key things that can pull your whole look together, lift your eyes, and define your features. Master your brows and you'll find yourself using less makeup because you'll already look polished! Cheers to all my Asian ladies I've worked with, all with fabulous eyebrows! I think you gals are real purty too.