An invitation to love.

Lately I've been obsessed with penmanship. Thank you notes, proper etiquette and RSVPs have been on my radar, especially with all the wedding planning I've been doing. For the past few weeks my life has been full of bachelorette parties, bridal shower invites, weddings, receptions, addressing envelopes and stuffing them. Here are a few snapshots of the fun projects I've been working on lately. Nothing new on makeup, but still wedding related. No worries, makeup posts coming very soon!

Here are some fun invites for good friends Sylvia and Mike. They are to be wed in May 2011. Happy yellow envelopes with hand painted invitations. The groom even lent a hand and was quite good at staying within the lines. Hand made paper flowers to be scattered about the engagement party.
Here are some snapshots of us working on invites for an upcoming wedding in September. Look at my little helper in blue. We are hard at work in our wedding invite factory, aka the dining table. There's nothing like a well organized assembly line! In love with these "Love" stamps. All of this practice is just making my calligraphy better and better! Hope you are enjoying wedding season as much as I am!