Spotlight on Burkart Studios

I have a new addiction... wedding films! I can't get enough of watching these mini movies that magically encapsulate an entire momentous day. Tear to the eye, every single time. 

I had the pleasure of meeting James Burkart of Burkart Studios this past weekend. If I could describe James in a few words they would be - honest, friendly, open and wedding geek! My kind of dude. James offered wonderful insight to the wedding business. I'm sure we could have talked for hours more. His take on wedding films is unique, modern, yet timeless. Definitely not the jittery three hour plus marathons of yesteryear!  

Not many Bay Area videographers do same day edits (a short film to show at your reception). James does them, and well! You may be asking how someone can edit so quickly and still maintain the integrity of the ceremony. Take a peek... and keep an eye on the groom. That's one happy guy. I love it! 

He also offers Super 8 film for those brides who want just a touch of vintage. Here's one of my favorites...


So much style, captured in a way that photos can't do alone. I love the bride's vintage inspired lip color and the bold jewel-toned bolero. Imagine in 20 years... you can hear the vows you exchanges, watch the emotion of your guests, even see the wind blow through the trees. So not only do you see the day, but you feel it too. I'm sure it will all bring back some nostalgic sensations. Interested in a videographer but not sure what to look for? Check out these super helpful tips. And don't hesitate to contact Burkart Studios if you get bit by the wedding film bug, like me!