About a month ago, I got together with my photographer friend Eric to meet up with one of our past brides, Wen-Yin. Eric and I have been trying to get a new project off the ground, but were having trouble defining this new service we wanted to offer. This particular bride is very special to me as I have seen her a few times over the last couple of years: engagement photos, her wedding, trash the dress, and most recently a session with her mom. All of the big moments, and this one in particular, a really special one.


While this session was intended to glam up Wen-Yin for a fun shoot, she thought it would also be good opportunity to spend time with her mom. Her mom is really the sweetest lady, always trying to stuff me full of snacks, and poking fun at her daughter - and smiling the whole time. When you see them interact, you can really tell how deep their relationship goes and what great friends they are. 


I prepped them both with makeup and Eric just started shooting away. It was a really sweet moment between the two of them and I'm so glad I was a part of it.  From Wen-Yin:

Last September, my mother was diagnosed with breast cancer. While the journey has been tough, and there were some scary moments while she was on chemo, there is finally a light at the end of the tunnel. 
When she got her diagnosis and we discussed her treatment with the surgical oncologist, the only moment she teared was when she realized she was going to lose her hair. It was more disturbing to her than the thought of a mastectomy. I know that even now as it is growing back, she is very self conscious about how it looks, and chooses to cover her head with scarves and hats. But to me, she looks beautiful, strong, and chic. It took some coaxing to convince her to have photos taken of her without a head covering, but I felt like it was important to document this moment of her life: the turning point of when she started gaining strength and becoming more like herself again, rather than the frail shell that she was.
Those of you who know my mother know that she is a gentle, humble woman: quick to encourage, laugh and smile. Thank you Wm Eric Fung for capturing this moment for us.

The above words really describe the importance of feeling like yourself, and how to regain that feeling after you've been through something really difficult. Wen-Yin thought it would be nice for her mom to be pampered that morning and Eric and I were happy to oblige.  

Wen-Yin, thank you for helping us to define the direction Eric and I are headed in. We hope you enjoy your portraits!