Individual Lashes

A lot of brides ask... are lashes really necessary? My answer is always "yes!". And oddly enough, I will always suggest them to ladies who are make-up shy. Why? They are the smallest thing you can do to make the biggest impact and will certainly give you a pop from all angles in photos. Sure, you can have fun with color on the eyelids but none of that really matters if they eye isn't framed well with liner and lashes. If time is an issue, I wil always reach for mascara over eyeshadow as it does the most for my eyes. 


^^ If possible, go with a "knot free" option. ^^

When working with false lashes, I always prefer to use individual pieces in various lengths, which can be used to enhance any eye shape. Strips of lashes are great for going out for a night and MUCH easier to put on yourself, but there is a bit of insurance when using these individual pieces. Here are some reasons I love them so much. 

1) If an entire lash strip falls off it can ruin the entire look. If one or two pieces of individuals happen to come off, it's not a serious issue. 

2) You can customize just where you want the accent - I prefer a thicker cluster right about 3/4 of the way out on the eye. It gives just the right amount of lift.

3) They are 100 times more comfortable than a heavy lash strip. When used sparingly, you hardly even feel the weight of the individual pieces.

4) They photograph beautifully and are more believable than a strip, which usually only comes in one length all the way across.

5) For photoshoots, they can also be applied on the lower lash line to create that baby doll look. They're so very versatile!

This past weekend, we held a trial for bride-to-be Brianna. Brianna was in town visiting for Mother's Day and thought it was the perfect opportunity to try out her day-of look. Her style is usually very natural so I didn't want to overwhelm with color. I went really neutral on the eyeshadow and gave her a fresh coral lip and cheek. Check out those cheekbones!  


^^ Serving it!^^

She was kind enough to send over these adorable snapshots that really showcase how individual lashes can enhance the eye. Brianna has gorgeous, healthy lashes naturally so it didn't take much just to give them that extra pop. I touched up the lash line with a caviar colored liner, then blended the pieces with her natural lashes using mascara to comb through the hairs. Jenn gave her a soft curled half-up look that we think will go nicely with her whimsical, colorful decor, and her gorgeous dress we were lucky enough to get a peek of. 

We're so happy to have worked with Brianna and we're looking forward to her upcoming fall wedding!