Spotlight: Tickled Events

Reunited. I received an email from wedding coordinator Adrienne Lee of Tickled Events a couple of months ago. We were in touch about a bride we'll both be working with in August and I made the connection that Adrienne is the Adrienne I know from high school! So pleased to see that she is the proud owner of her own wedding business - and that she is just as kind and sweet as ever. 

And she was happy to answer some fun questions to help all you brides out there while planning for your big day. Here are some of her responses along with some eye candy from Adrienne's events. 

Hi Adrienne! Thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts on bridal beauty and style. What inspired you to start your business as a wedding planner? 
I have always loved loved organizing events growing up. I have always been involved with Student Government, and had such a wonderful time planning school fundraisers, dances, and the proms... but there is just something really special about weddings. It's the commitment that two people make to one another for the rest of their lives. It's really something special to be a part of, and that's really what inspired me. 

As someone in the industry, I'm sure you keep up with the latest trends. What beauty trends do you think will be in for 2012 summer weddings? 
I think brides are keeping it light and fun this season. They are picking shoes that match their wedding color scheme, bird cage veils are really popular, and light nail and lip color. Simple, understated jewelry is also something I am seeing a lot of.

What has been your favorite look of all the brides you've worked with? 
I especially like it when brides put all of their hair up, slightly puffed on the crown, and slightly to the side, instead of an up-do just in the middle.  This look is fun and flirty, and elegant, and great for moments when the wind picks up.  Also great for dancing. Also, gotta have the extra eyelashes!  I am also a fan of stud earrings that match a thin piece of jewelry around their neck.  I always think, less is more.

I totally agree with the extra lashes. They give a certain pop to the eyes. As a compliment to the bride, what looks do you think are best on bridesmaids? 
I love it when bridesmaids wear a flower in their hair that is also in the bride's bouquet as well as the bridesmaids bouquets. If the bride is wearing her hair all up, I like it when the bridsmaids wear theirs all down, and the bridesmaids should also keep it simple, especially if the bride is. 

What is the craziest beauty moment you've seen at a wedding? 
One of the make up artists had her air brush machine break, and she had to go out and buy a new one. Then the new one she bought had a missing part, and didn't work. We had to go with non-airbrushed make up, and were somewhat late for the bride and groom's first look pictures.  But the wedding still started on time and the bride was stunning!

Aha, that's another reason I'm not a huge fan of airbrush foundation. Any tips for must haves for the day of? Klennex? Powder? 
Keep a couple of everything: tissue, lip gloss, powder, bobby pins, blotting tissue, cotton balls, q-tips. Just keep it in a small bag for your MOH to keep with her for any beauty emergencies.

What advice can you give a bride who has a wedding coming up in the next six months? 
This is the day you will look most beautiful! It's ok to spend more on yourself!  I highly recommend a trial, and to bring in pictures of looks that you like, BUT also listening to the make up/hair expert in looks that they recommend too!  

Thanks Adrienne! Best wishes for your busy wedding season and I can't wait to see you again soon! For more information on working with Adrienne for day of coordination, find her here or visit her blog