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Fingers and toes. I currently work in a four story museum with a really large staff. I'm always meeting new people and the part I like best is when I find someone else has quirky hobbies like I do! Nail polish is another beauty accessory I can't get enough of and my fingers are rarely unadorned these days. I met with Amanda over lunch and was astounded at her "handy" work. Amanda is a nail polish blogger with an incredible collection/selection of nail polish. Here are just some of Amanda's colors... wow!

Amanda has great ideas and advice on her blog including how to remove that pretty but pesky glitter polish. What I love best about Amanda's work is the range of how subtle some looks are, and sometimes how bold! I check often for new and inspiring ideas for everyday ways to jazz up my fingers for the office. Here are some of my favorites from Amanda... 

Looking for the perfect bridal color? Something bright for your bridesmaids? Need tips for the perfect technique? Check out berrypolished to read helpful hints on where to find just the right shade. Maybe Amanda can do a bridal inspired look soon (hint hint!). See you around the office Amanda. Thanks for sharing!