Wedding Survival Guide

How to avoid the meltdown. Heading off to the very warm town of Wilton today to assist my mega friend Sylvia with various wedding projects. After thinking about how hot it's going to be for their fabulous farm wedding tomorrow, I thought I should jot down a few things to pack in your bridal kit to get you through the heat, smudges, and inevitable tears. Here are some things I consider must haves after years of wedding prep:
1) Cotton swabs for touching up around the eyes. Bring a gentle makeup remover for buffing out smudges after the ceremony.

2) Your lipstick or gloss you will be wearing throughout the day. Consider a color change for night when the lighting is softer. Go for something bold perhaps?

3) A hand cream to help your ring glide on smoothly during your ceremony.

4) Lip balm! You will likely be chatting a lot and sipping on some champagne which can dry out your lips. Keep it on handy for your hubby too!

5) Blotting papers if you are an over oil producer like me.
6) A translucent touch-up powder to tone down the shine.

Since this wedding has me thinking back to when we first became friends, here are a few images of me and the ladies from our college years. Here we are at a house party where the theme was "High School Reunion" and we came dressed as our future selves. My favorite is Kim (in the pink) dressed as Mrs. Right, obviously married to Mr. Right.
Here we are after drunken haircuts. Obviously not the best idea. I rocked a mullet for about three months.

Here we are with our lovely Katie, Sylvia's MoH. We love us some Katie!
Can't wait to party with all of you and the soon to be Mrs. You are a great friend and I am so happy be a part of your special day. Off to pack up my beauty arsenal to glam up the bride and her entourage. Michael Fajen- you are a lucky, lucky man. Cheers to Sylvia for finding your very own Mr. Right! Hope you detox major in the mud springs of Iceland during your honeymoon Sylvia!