Why Prom Makes Me Smile

Memories...misty water colored memores...Call me sentimental, but I will always have a soft spot for proms. Working with Crystal and Mandi was like taking a trip down memory lane- the excitement and anticipation for the night ahead, the rushing around to coordinate friends, and jumping into that special dress.

Crystal and Mandi have been friends since the sixth grade and had loads of questions about college life ("Do boys get cooler as they get older? Is college more fun than high school? Is it hard to stay in contact with old friends?"). I don't think these two will ever grow apart- they valued each other's opinions on the looks we created and finished each other's sentences.

These two found me on yelp! and requested some fun colors for their special night. Together, we had so much fun designing their looks. Mandi wanted something soft and pretty with a focus on the eyes. We popped the eyes with a plum shadow and feathery lashes. Crystal, the bolder of the two, requested a deep smokey eye and over the top lashes.
Praise from Crystal: "Thank you so much for last night! Our skin looked great and glowing!" Hot tip: nude platform shoes look fierce with a red dress!
Best of luck in college ladies! You two are going to have so much fun making more memories, even if you are apart. You'll always have your senior prom together to look back on. Thanks for including me in such a memorable day!