Junior Prom is the Bomb!

News flash: jewel tones are all the rage! As are plunging backs and embellished straps. This was quite the departure from the soft watercolors my sister and her friends wore a couple of years ago, pictured here. While I didn't do any of the hair and makeup pictured below, I was inspired by the fun colors and patterns found among this group of friends. My beau's baby brother allowed me and big sis Denise to attend his pre-prom photoshoot (though it took a lot of arm twisting. Sisters can be embarrassing after all.). Aww, feel the sibling love.
I couldn't believe the rainbow before me! The boys looked quite dapper as well. Thanks Nick, for letting us bug you. Hope you had fun and made responsible decisions (ahem, ahem). I still can't believe that when we first met he only came up to my shoulder. Now I barely come up to his!Not sure if the girls coordinated their gem toned looks, but nevertheless, this group was fun, fresh and fabulous! And tall! I felt very, very tiny. As one prom mom said, "Wow! They don't make Asians like they used to!"
Voluminous bouncy curls, big lashes, pops of bright lipstick and color coordinating eyeshadow were the big trend among these friends. Ahhh, brought me back to my high school days! Looking forward to doing some fun prom looks this season!