A Pretty Purple Party.

Phew! I survived the weekend and lived to tell about it. Funny thing about planning weddings is the build up and then... it's over. I'll post more soon when I get a chance to breathe and upload photos. Fortunately I am not going through wedding withdrawals quite yet as the lovely Candice, whose marriage to my college roommate was first seen here, sent over photos of their beautiful June wedding in Sacramento. Candice's cousin Chase and his wife Sam of Chase Millhollen Photography were in town all the way from San Luis Obispo to capture all of the wonderful details. Here are some great shots of me primping with Candice. With such a strong bang, it was important for us to make sure Candice's gorgeous green eyes didn't get lost in photos. Black liner and a subtle use of purple, a contrast to green, really made her eyes pop. What I liked best about working with Candice is that she made sure I wouldn't cover up her freckles. I love this moment after their reveal. Snuggle!The use of bookmarks as escort cards and books as favors are so generous and inspirational. The graphic quality of the pages would make a great piece of art for your home, don't you think? And of course, the post would not be complete without a photo of my handsome roomie. Love you Morgan! It takes a real man to wear purple on his wedding day. The wedding was even more beautiful than I remembered and the photos of this fun couple makes me miss board game night at our old apartment. Let's get together soon, ay Tigermans?