The Shattuck Plaza, mid-morning

Long, long ago, in a galaxy not so far away... there was a girl named Amanda who was brave enough to leave her hair in the hands of a hairstyling novice on the day of her wedding. Amanda dreamt of a Star Wars themed wedding where guests could dance the night away and sit together at tables named after Jaba's Palace and the planet Tatooine. Here are a couple of photos from Amanda's early morning adventures amid alien styling products before her intergalactic celebration.
My first bride daring enough to wear RED (and I mean, AR-EE-DEE) lipstick! So perfect. Can't wait to see more pictures, but I guess I'll have to until they get back from their honeymoon that is sure to be out of this world (well, at least out of this country)! Thanks for the before and after pictures Hazelle, and for being such a great assistant! You clean brushes like no other Jedi can!