Would You Workout Before Your Wedding?

They did! Denielle and Drew's black and white wedding took place at the Hotel DeAnza in Downtown San Jose on a sunny summer day. All these great moments were captured by Denielle's cousin, who does photography for LifeAsWeAre. Check them out! They specialize in the Wedding Movie Book and customize a great final piece, almost like a personal magazine of the wedding. Can you believe they worked out together before getting ready that morning? Now that's commitment. Her healthy lifestyle really paid off... you can tell how amazing her skin is in the pictures! Everything about her just glowed. We designed a really simple, classic look and used a half strip of lashes instead of a full set. They were subtle but still brightened and lifted the eyes. A touch of shimmer rolled on with a fluffy brush lit up the tops of her cheekbones. Denielle had great angles on her face and an amazing smile. I had so much fun working with her! I love the little corset holding the lilies together. And look at Denielle with her cutie pies!
Congratulations! These parents of twin boys are a real classy pair. Denielle looked amazing and really inspired me to get back into shape and drink lots of water. She really is a super momma and a stunning bride!

Shout out to Denielle's bridesmaid Diem who has started her own catering company. A wonderful chef who has worked at Le Colonial in the city, Diem is a really organized, sweet little lady who can cook you up some tasty eats! Contact Diem for all your catering needs and visit her website to see her super cute logo!