Sunset Photoshoot

The Hot Toddies. Bernal Hill in San Francisco during sunset is amazing. But what is it about fancy photoshoots that gets people walking towards what is going on, rather than staying out of the shot? Nevertheless the seven of us had a great time. This shoot happened right before the Toddies flew across the pond to tour in jolly old England.

The fabulous photographer Rachel Styler offered her Mission home for the Toddies to get ready. Not only was her home beautiful but she supplied the cheese and wine (which I declined to drink until I had finished everyone's make-up). Super stylist Mary Dyann Kees, who has worked with the best in the fashion industry from New York and beyond, brought suitcases full of corsets, velvet skirts and platform oxfords for a funky tea party costume theme. The Toddies looked hot!
Everyone had on lots of eyeliner and false lashes (for the bargain price of $3 from Longs Drugstore). I would say the most challenging thing was finding the right colors to go with Erin's pink hair. She ended up with a teal eyeshadow to match her earrings and a stained pink lip.Blush and foundation are really important for outdoor shoots where the light is pure and bright. If you're considering an outdoor shoot for engagement photos, be sure to powder down the center of your face to keep too much light from reflecting off your face and creating a glare. Also, faces can look too pale or washed out if there isn't enough color on the cheeks and lips, especially if pictures are taken from a distance.

The photos will be used for an upcoming album or publication. I learned a lot from shooting during this time of day and I was so excited to be a part of this fun shoot. Currently The Hot Toddies are on a nationwide tour spreading their fun songs such as "Motorscooter", "Seattle" (which mentions buttcheeks) and "HTML". Check out their music page to find out where they are playing next.
Cheers from the Hot Toddies (and me)!