A bit late, I know. Here are a few pictures of prom make-up I did for my sister Taryn and her friends back in June. My mom and I were pretty sad as this was the last time we would work together on Operation Prom. When I was in high school (a long time ago) my mom designed and sewed all of my prom dresses, just like she used to do for her own proms. There's nothing quite like having something custom made to fit your size and shape. Since I'm seven years older than my sister, she was fortunate enough to have a hair stylist and make-up artist on hand for all five proms she went to. And my awesome mom made a dress for each and every one. This last one was my favorite as I could easily see the shape and style of it translate nicely into a wedding gown. The big bow was the best part! And it was high pressure for my mom and me since my sister was on the prom court. Since the dress was such a soft pretty color, I didn't want to take away from it by putting on harsh colors so I did more definition with black eyeliner and I chose some eye shadows that were more blush toned. For teenage make-up, it is super important to me that the look is age appropriate, natural, but still pretty.
Then as a final touch I complimented every one's cheeks with a shimmer highlight which gives a nice glow in pictures.
Here is a shot of Sydney and her cutie pie prom date. Luckily for Sydney, she had a natural glowing tan from swim practice. Thanks girls for letting me paint your faces for the last four years. I'll miss my baby sister who will always be the rosy, chubby-cheeked tot whose hair I used to braid. Good luck girls! Your faces are now on their own. Always remember to moisturize and blend, blend, blend!