A&S: A Storybook Wedding

Ana, whom I've known for half of my life, married her long time love Sean last month in a gorgeous wedding straight out of a fairytale. From her ball gown skirt, the animal statues, to the fountain in the lagoon, this really was a wedding dream come true! It was a pleasure working with Ana, her sweet sister Amy and their lovely mom all morning long in the beautiful guest house on the Nestldown property.

All three ladies requested fresh, bright-eyed looks with dewy skin. I applied gold and bronze eyeshadows, accented with clean caviar eyeliner. They all have long, yet fair lashes, so I added individual lashes for fullness, but not length. Accompanied by fresh peachy tones on the lips and cheeks, this summer look complimented the warm weather. 

Love their coordinating robes! 


Ana is all about family... "ohana" . Good thing, since Sean is one of 14 kids! Sean is an amazing guy who treats Ana like a princess. It's no wonder they had a storybook wedding (with a little Hawaiian twist).

We had a great time at the reception. These two pulled out all the stops for their guests. There was a slideshow, photobooth, an ice cream bar, delicious cake, giant glasses, silly hats, and glow sticks! The glow sticks were a hit with kids and adults alike. Highly recommend them!

It was a true joy for me see friends I haven't seen in years, and to witness one of my close friends marry the man of her dreams. Congratulations Ana! And now, I'll let you enjoy the photos of Ana and Sean's beautiful day...

 - Michaela

All images by Michael's Wedding Group.